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Domain Name Resolution
Whether you are registering a domain name through us, or transferring a domain that you already own, you will want to do it as fast as possible. Domain names take 1-3 business days to resolve to new servers. In some cases, this duration may take up to 5 business days.
You will still be the owner of the domain name after it resolves to our nameservers. You are just instructing the Domain Name Registrar to "point" that name to our servers. Think of a domain name as a street sign, it directs people who call it up on the browser URL to our servers, which will in turn lead them to access your website.
When you change or signup with hosting companies, your Domain Name Registrar must be given the necessary information to redirect traffic to your new location. There are dozens of Domain Name Registrars and they all have different procedures to complete the process.
You will need to login to your Domain Name Registrar's administration tool, and change the DNS settings for your domain name as we advise in the welcome email.

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