Setting up MySQL Databases for scripts

Most scripts are tied to a database backend.
MySQL is the most common. To setup a MySQL database and set it up correctly with the script, follow the instructions below.
Creating the MySQL Database in Cpanel
Before you install the script, check it's installation instructions. You will likely be told to create a MySQL database before installing the script. To create a database :
1. Login to Cpanel and click on MySQL databases.
2. Type in a name for your database and click Add Database.
3. Add a username to the database. 
You may need to create a user if you do not already have one.
Pls note down the database name & your username for the database. They are usually in the formats :
Database name : yourdomain_databasename (eg. hostfusion_chatscript)
Username : yourdomain_yourdbaseusername
Password : password you set for your dbase
Note : You need to precede your database name and username with "yourdomainname_".
Applying the new MySQL Database to your script
In your scripts config file (usually config.php or close to it), you need to fill in the name of your MySQL database, database username and password.
Use the abovementioned formats and you will be fine.
As a final example, a typical database setups looks like :
MySQL Database : hostfusion_chatroom
MySQL Username : hostfusion_user23
MySQL Password : temp123
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