Configuring Microsoft Outlook Express

To setup your new email account in Outlook Express:
We have used in this example, please replace this with your domain name.
1. Open Outlook Express
2. Go to "Tools" and click on "Accounts"
3. An "Internet Accounts" window will pop up. Click on "Add", then click on "Mail"
4. This will start up Internet Connection Wizard. Enter your name where it says "Display name:" and click "Next" at the bottom right.
5. Enter your Email address in the input box. (use your Then click Next.
6. In the Incoming mail (POP3) field type
In the Outgoing mail (SMTP) field type
Click Next .
7. Now where it says "Account name:" type in your username that you have setup using the following format: "" Put in your password: *****
8. Then click Finish
9.The "Internet Accounts" Window should still be open, if not - Click on the "Tools" menu from the top of Outlook Express, and choose "Accounts" from the pull down menu. Click on the account you just created in your list of email accounts, then Click the "Properties" button, that will bring up a window for the "General" Tab
10. For your Email Account to work properly, you MUST PUT A CheckMark in the box next to "My server requires authentication" - or you will have errors in your email setup!
And be using the same settings as your incoming mail server...
11. To Test your POP3 account follow these steps:
  • Start a New Mail message by clicking on the New Mail Icon at the top left of Outlook or Outlook Express, or click on the File Menu, choose New, then click on Mail Message
  • Make the From: Box use your New Account by clicking on the Down Arrow (at the far right of screen) and choosing the account that you just created
  • In the To: Box type the email address of the account that you have just created
  • You can leave the CC: Box blank, or enter in another email address to send a Carbon Copy
  • In the Subject: Box type in Testing, or whatever you like
  • You don't have to type anything into the body of the message
  • Now hit the Send Icon or click on the File Menu and click on Send Message
  • Wait about 30 seconds after message is sent, then click on the Send/Recv Icon

Your Message should come in on your New Email Account

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