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What DNS should my domain name point to?
Please see your activation email, they are listed towards the bottom of the activation email titled "DNS Instructions"

You notified me that my account is set up but my site is not active, why?
If you have received a notification email and its been over 48 hours, it means that you either did not point your domain name to the right DNS servers or your ISP's DNS server has not yet been updated. It generally takes 24 hours for domain names to become active. This is just how the internet works, there is no way we can speed up the process.

What version of perl are you running?
Our servers run Perl 5.6.1

What servers do you run?
We run off of:
Intel Pentium 3.06 GHz Red Hat Linux 7.2 servers with 1024MB of Ram

Bandwidth Connection lines:
Multiple Multihomed OC3 and OC12 connections 100 Mbps

How do I enable SSI in my HTML pages?
To take advantage of Server Side Includes(SSI) in your web page, make sure the web page has the extension .SHTML and not .HTML

Do you support international domains?
Yes, but in most cases you need to handle the domain registration process by yourself. We cannot provide support for domain registration for all the available country code. However, feel free to ask us if you have any questions.

I have a script that I cannot install. Can you install it for me?
Yes, we can install it for you. Please contact us here  to inquire the fee to set it up.  We do not provide free support for the script, configuration and debugging your scripts. We can provide that support for $30 for 30 minutes. However we will waive that fee if it turns out that the problem is with our system.

Which brand of control panel do you use? Can I see a demo?
We use http://www.cpanel.net/, a full demo is on their website. Using cPanel you can easily setup your mail accounts/forwarding, sub domains, databases, view statistics, check webmail and much much more, it is powerful but very easy to use.

How Do I access my website control panel?

cPanel may be accessed at http://www.yoursite.com:2082/

What kind of hardware and software do you use?
We have to maintain a dynamic and competitive hardware base and strive to stay on the cutting edge of current technologies. We currently use systems featuring Hyper-Threading Technologies.On the software side, we use the industry standard RedHat Linux.

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