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Cannot find server or DNS errors

This error occurs when the domain name cannot be resolved to a valid IP address. It can be caused by a number of problems, including the following:

Please note:  When connecting to your our servers from your local computer, there are a number of routers and as many as 12-24 individual servers (that do not belong to us and that we unable to maintain) that data must pass through.  Many times, trouble connecting to your site on our server may be caused by a routing issue or server trouble with one of the routers/servers that you are passing through. It is not necessarily a problem with one of our servers.

- You may have typed the domain name incorrectly

Make sure that the domain is spelled correctly in your browser's address bar.

- Make sure that you are connected to the Internet

Make sure you've established a valid connection to your internet service provider, or that your connection has not been dropped, etc.

- Check that the domain registration has not expired nor has it been deactivated by the registrar.

Do a WHOIS Lookup on your domain name and check the expiration date. If your domain name has expired, you need to renew it with the domain registration agency.  

- Make sure your domain name is pointing to our Domain Name Server (DNS).

Make sure that the DNS information for your domain name is pointing correctly to our name servers (You will need to refer to your welcome email for the nameservers that your domain should be pointing to)  You can do a DNS check here: using the 'DNS lookup' tool, enter your domain name (without www), select 'A' and click 'lookup' the nameservers should match your welcome email (if you've changed them) If not then please confirm that your domain registrar has changed them

- Make sure your ISP's Domain Name Server (DNS) is functioning correctly

Run a traceroute and see if you receive an error message that says something like "Unable to resolve hostname" (for directions on doing a traceroute, see our related articles).

- There may be a problem with an intermediate router.

Run a traceroute and see if any of there are any timeouts or failures along the route (indicated by asterisks in the time columns.)  

Reporting Connection Problems to support

When reporting a connection problem, please provide as much information as possible. The more information you provide for us, the faster we will be able to investigate and resolve the problem. Important information to include when contacting support is the following"

What's your domain name?

What connections are affected (browsing, FTP, telnet, e-mail, etc)?

What is the exact error message or result you're encountering?

Can you connect to your account by numeric IP number?

Do you have access to a different ISP (or another computer connected to a different ISP, etc.), and if so does the problem occur with that connection also?

Is the problem consistent, or does it work sometimes and sometimes not?

How long have you been experiencing the problem?

Is the problem software-specific (e.g., does it work okay with Internet Explorer, but not with Netscape, or vice-versa)?

What are the traceroute results?

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