How do I create a mysql database using cpanel? Print

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There are 3 steps to creating a database. Login to your cPanel with your account username/password and click on 'mySQL Database'. This is the database management screen. To create a database you need to perform the following 3 steps:
1. Create a database. In the database section type in the desired database name and click "Add Db".
2. Create a database user. Do this by typing in the desired username and clicking "Add User".
Note: when creating a database user you need to assign a password to this user. Make sure to record this password because you will need it to access your database.
3. Add the database user you created in step 2 to the database you created in step 1. Do this with the drop down menus and click on "Add User to Db". This is the most common step that is missed by new clients and failure to complete this step will prevent you from accessing your new database.

CPanel will add your cPanel username to both the database name and the database user name. As an example, let's say your account username is 'mysite' and you created the database 'forum' and the database user 'john' with a password of 'ght55' in your control panel. Your database information would be:
Database Address:   localhost
Database Name:      mysite_forum
Database User:      mysite_john
Database User Pass: ght55

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