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cPanel - A robust online tool for managing your hosting account
cPanel is fast becoming the control panel of choice for many hosting providers. For the simple reason that it provides everything you need to administer your hosting account. It is accessible from any web browser - anytime & anywhere in the world!
This section of our knowledgebase provides a quick introduction to cPanel and tips on how you can use cPanel to tweak/setup/manage all aspects of your new account.
Logging into cPanel
You may login to cPanel by following the instructions below :
  1. Point your browser to the URL :
    Or to : http://YourIPaddress/cpanel
  2. Login using your username & password we sent in the welcome email
cPanel Overview
cPanel allows you to configure your account settings such as e-mail, statistics, secure server access, CGI scripts, etc...
Once you have logged in, you will be presented with a user-friendly menu. Below is a brief description of some of the key features...

Add/Remove Email Accounts 
Create/Manage email accounts, forwarders, etc... 
Read your email using your browser. Choice of 3 webmail applications. 
File Manager 
Manage your files online via your browser. Works like Windows Explorer.
Password Change
Manage/Change your account password instantly.  
MySQL Database Management
Setup/Manage mySQL databases & users. Needed for scripts. 
Password Protection for Directories
Set/remove passwords for specific directories.
Agora Shopping Cart
Setup e-commerce shopping carts for your e-store. Full functionality!  
Scripts Library
An assortment of useful Perl/CGI scripts for your use. One-click installs.
Backup is perhaps the most important section. You may download full backups of your entire website, or just the SQL databases, as often as you like. Please read the "How to Create Backups" section of our knowledgebase for detailed instructions.

All customers are well advised to keep backups of your own data. As cited in our Terms of Service, along with most other hosting providers, we can not be responsible for lost data in the unlikely event of server failures.
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